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As we all know How hard is it to be teenager. In these age, A lot of things go through our minds. It may be of our future ambitions or about some stress and addiction. Teenage is a very stressful part of our life but for some, It may be very easy if they are committed to their work and busy doing their work. Here is what you have to do as a broke teenager.


If You are above the age of 16, You have definitely come through a situation where you might have questioned yourself about what you will be doing in future. That is the time where you are fully stressed out and confused about your future. And to be honest, You don’t have to be confused or stressed out if you have a proper vision. Here are some of the tip to have a proper vision or stay  committed to your work.


At these set of age, There will be a lot of opportunities coming on your way which to be honest will definitely attract you. But that will be a time where you have to pick up a single profession and get professional with it by staying committed to it.


Now is the time for you to stop dreaming and change your dream in to a reality. You literally have to work your ass off to transform your dream in to a freaking reality of your wish.


Yes, This is where a lot of people mess up. Many people think that working a lot harder will pay you more than compared to working with less effort. But  this is totally a myth. You have to be smart in doing what you are doing. so, If you are jobless at 18, This could be one of the reason.


Let it be anything, Always stay obedient and honest. A lot of people these days are falling in love with money but guys we are not going to take money to heaven or hell. Money comes and goes but opportunities are very rare. Now a days, Many people are tested for their honesty and believe me, Many people fail. So, always be honest in whatever the work you are doing.


So, Even I am a guys who passed through this age. When I was 16, A lot of things went through my mind. First I started my own YouTube Channel  which was not that successful and the I created a lot of website and I really learned a lot of things though my journey. I went into a lot of things like YouTube, Websites, Mobile Apps, Affiliate marketing, Photography and drop-shipping. And at the end, I stuck to only two things which was YouTube and Website. Now it’s been two years since I have created my YouTube channel and it has earned about $4,000 which is not so much money but it is reasonable and I created this website not even a month ago and it is getting up to 30 visitors per day and it keeps on going.

So, Guys don’t be stressed and confused about your future. Just work smart and stick to work that you like the most and if the make you a proper income, Make it as your profession.

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