What If You Ate 100 Pizzas At One Sitting


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Here is what happens if you ate 100 pizzas at one sitting. Eating pizza is what everyone love but there is limit to all the things we do. In the similar way, The most amount of pizzas could be eaten by a person will not be more than three or four. so, now lets take a look at what would happen if you ate 100 pizzas at one single sitting.

First of all, eating 100 regular pizzas by a single human being at a single sitting is literally impossible. Let us assume that you ate 100 regular pizzas anyway. Now what??

A regular pizza is made up of pizza dough(obviously), Cheese, Tomato pure and some veggies or meat. The pizza is 45 percent cheese, 45 percent pizza dough and 10 percent toppings. As you guys can see, 45 percent of the pizza you eat is pure cheese which is nothing but fat. That is the main reason this comes under the family of junk food. If the toppings are veggies, The pizza is a little bit to the good side but if the pizza is a non veg one, The you are in trouble again. The meat is again the source of fat which leads to obesity.


  • You will first feel very nice while eating your first two pizzas. Then you will slowly start to regret you decision.
  • It high fat content of cheese and meat in the pizza leads you to a serious problem which is obesity.
  • You may witness a cardio attack because of high cholesterol content in the pizza
  • You might literally choke to death.
  • The maximum amount of pizzas that a normal person can consume at one sitting will not be more than three.
  • The fat content in the pizza may lead you to some serious problems like obesity, Heart attack, Diarrhea and other diseases.

So, Now the conclusion is, Never eat too many pizzas and if you eat however, you better burn it down by exercising.

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