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Jupiter is the fifth and the biggest planet in our entire solar system. Jupiter is a gas giant which means, There will be no land on Jupiter. It is a Giant ball of of gas. It is primarily composed of Hydrogen gas and Helium gas. So, there have been space crafts which has been sent to land on the Jupiter but as you might have guessed, The Jupiter is just a gas giant so no one or nothing could land on this weird planet. As we try to land on Jupiter, We just go through layers and layers of clouds and atmosphere. But what would happen if we try to land on Jupiter?

Here’s What Happens If You Try To Land On Jupiter!

The main question now is, If you try to land on Jupiter, Will you make it from one end to the bottom of the planet? NO!, To be honest, You will not make it even to the center of the planet. First things first, Jupiter’s atmosphere has no oxygen so, try taking enough to the space. As you enter the top of the atmosphere of Jupiter, You are travelling at 110,000 MPH under the pull of Jupiter’s gravity and then you will quickly hit a denser atmosphere which will hit you like a wall but it will not be enough to stop you.

Then after three minutes, You will reach the cloud top and now at a speed of 150 MPH and here you will experience the full turbulence of Jupiter’s rotation. Jupiter is actually the fastest rotating planet in our solar system and one day in Jupiter lasts about 9 Hours.Then after reaching 75 miles below, You will reach to the point which is limited to the Human exploration. Galileo reached at this point and then he lost his signal and with the powerful force of the  Jupiter’s atmosphere, The craft was destroyed. The pressure is 100 times more than that of earths pressure. Then you will reach to the point where you cannot see anything and everything around you is pitch dark.

If you try to somehow get even more deeper, Your space craft will definitely blow away. Let’s assume that you somehow managed to get even more deeper to the Jupiter’s core. At this point you will find some of the mysteries but unfortunately you will not be able to share with anyone because Jupiter’s deep atmosphere absorbs all the radio waves so you will be shutdown from all the earthly communications.

And once you reach 2,500 miles below, The temperature will be 6,100*F which is enough to melt Tungston (Metal with the highest melting point) At this point, You have been falling from 12 hours. and when you reach 13000 miles, You will reach the inner core of the Jupiter. The pressure here is 2 million times greater than that of earth and here the temperature is 11,000*F (Hotter than the surface of the sun). When you reach the center, The force would be equal from the top and the bottom so you will be just stuck in the center, not able to move to the top or bottom – THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU TRY TO LAND ON JUPITER.

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