What If You Lived Alone On An Isolated Island


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Now a days, We are living in a society where there are thousands of people live together but there are some places in the world where there are no people at all and the place is totally isolated. Now what if you lived alone on an isolated island. Let’s find out!

Now, Let’s imagine that you are in an isolated island somewhere in middle of the ocean….

what if you lived on an isolated island

what if you lived on an isolated island

  • You are now in the middle of nowhere!

  • First of all you need to take a shelter to live in. So, Use the woods from the island to  create your own hut or a small living place.

  • Now comes the problem of food. Since the Island is isolated and has only trees, You need to depend on leaves or the fishes.

  • If you are depending on the leaves and other veggies, It’s good! but if you like to eat fishes, You’ll now have to create some hunting materials so now you have to make a sharp stone and tie it to the end of a stick and use it as a material to hunt for your fishes.

  • Now comes the part of living alone in the  island. Use leaves and other natural things to make yourself some cloths, blankets and other stuff that will make you comfortable to live.

  • Don’t run or exercise because it will make you more hungry and you’ll have to continuously hunt for your food to satisfy your hunger.

  • You’ll now have to eat raw or half-cooked food to survive.

  • now comes the last part! If you have a large amount of woods in your island, Try to make fire using a lot of woods which make the fire bigger and bigger and you’ll eventually get noticed by a flying plane or helicopter and if the pilot  is good, you’ll be saved.


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