What If You Lived In Dubai


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Dubai is one of the most developed and wealthiest countries in the entire world. Since the country is very much developed, It is a bit expensive to stay over there  but now the question is “What if you lived in Dubai?” Well, Let’s find out!


what if you lived in dubai

what if you lived in dubai

THE RENT: In Dubai, Staying is very expensive. Since the living space in Dubai is very good with all the facilities, The rent of an apartment in Dubai can be anywhere from $500 to $1500 which is just insane. but for that  price you get all the facilities like a living room, A bed room, a washroom, Shower and if you are staying in an apartment, You will definitely get a mind blowing view.

TRAVELING: Traveling is a bit tough thing in Dubai but if you had your own car, You will not face any problem but if you didn’t have your own car, You will face some problems. You will have to pay a lot of money to the taxi. but if you are traveling in bus, you will have to get down in the bus stop and walk to your destination. so, in order to overcome this problem, You just have to rent a car and the fuel is also very cheap in Dubai. You can also use the metro which is very cheap and fast but again, You have to walk to reach your destination.

THE FOOD: And coming to the food, It is very cheap in Dubai. In every hyper market, You will find a pack of food which contains a big chicken piece, french fries, Two naan, salad and sauce. This meal costs only 10 Dirhams ($3). You will also find traditional Arab street food on the streets of Dubai. The famous one is the Arabian Shawarma which only costs 5 Dirhams ($1.5). At the end, the food in Dubai is very reasonable.

what if you lived in dubai

what if you lived in dubai

TOURISM: Dubai is well known for its insane attraction for tourists over the years. There are many places in Dubai to be visited at least once in your life. The first thing will be the Burj Khalifa which is not only the tallest tower in Dubai but in the entire world. There are even more attractions in Dubai like The Aquarium in Dubai mall, The Dubai Frame in Al Karama, The Dessert safari and many more. My favorite is the Dubai frame in Al Karama. The ticket for one person is 50 Dirham ($13) which is not that expensive. In the frame, You’ll get to see a short film about the future of Dubai and then you will be moved to the top most level of the frame from where you can see the whole of Dubai. The floor will be made of glass so you can even see the ground while standing on it.

LUXURY: A I have told you, Dubai is one of the wealthiest places in the entire world. You can find luxury cars like Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari and other luxury cars in the streets of Dubai. Even the police drive these luxury cars. and coming to the pets you will not find dogs or kittens. Instead, You will find Lions and tigers as pets.

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