What If You Lived On Mars


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Anyone reading this article knows what mars is. isn’t it? It is a planet where many tests and trails are taking place to know whether the humans can somehow live over there at some point of time. Mars is the 4th planet of our solar system which means, It is the next planet and very near to the planet earth. Now the question is. What if You Lived on mars? Here’s what happens!


Mars is a terrestrial planet that consists of minerals containing silicon and oxygen, metals, and other elements that typically make up rock. The surface of Mars is primarily composed of tholeiitic basalt,although parts are more silica-rich than typical basalt and may be similar to Andesitic rocks on Earth or silica glass. Regions of low albedo suggest concentrations of plagioclase feldspar, with northern low albedo regions displaying higher than normal concentrations of sheet silicates and high-silicon glass. Parts of the southern highlands include detectable amounts of high-calcium pyroxenes. Localized concentrations of hematite and olivine have been found. Much of the surface is deeply covered by finely grained iron(III) oxide dust.

Mars contains mostly of carbon dioxide in its atmosphere which is more than 85 percent and others like nitrogen and other rare gases. Of all the planets in the Solar System, the seasons of Mars are the most Earth-like, due to the similar tilts of the two planets’ rotational axes.


The mars now has no oxygen on it. Most of it is carbon dioxide and other rare gases. In order to live on mars You have to carry a lot of oxygen from earth or try to plant trees on mars if it is possible. The temperature and seasons are  pretty similar to the earth. So, Living on mars will not be a lot different from earth except it doesn’t have oxygen.

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