What If You Only Drank Coke Instead Of Water


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Water is one of the most essential things in our life. About 72% of the human body is just water. It keeps us hydrated and  our day ends up being healthy. But what happens if you replace water with something you like to drink more often. I’m talking about coca-cola (Coke). Many of us love to drink coke. Isn’t it? But  not after reading this article as it literally is going to leave your mind blown.

Keep in mind that one can of coke contains 10 spoons of sugar which is your recommended allowance of sugar per day. You just drank it all at once. Consuming so much sugar should lead to vomiting but there is another component in the drink called ORTHOPHOSPHORIC acid which keeps or balances the sugar in your body. After drinking too much Coke, The sugar in the drink is transformed into fat which leads to obesity. Then after some years of drinking coke everyday, You will witness some serious problems in your body like Diabetes, Hypertension and high cholesterol and then you have very high chances of dying young.

If you drank coke for everyday for about a year, You bones and teeth become very weak. Even the slightest hit would be enough to crack and fracture your bone and break your teeth. You will even have high chances of Lungs and liver cancer. By many sources it been proved that about one fifth of the weight gained in the USA between 1977 and 2007 can be attributed to soft drinks.

About 1.8 billion bottles of coca cola is sold each and every day. And half of the population in USA drinks at least half bottle of soda everyday. As you drink a sip of coke, The drink starts to erode your teeth and the microorganisms on your plaque starts eating sugar which comes from the drink which will in turn leads to formation of cavity and bad breath.


  1. Coca Cola eases the digestion process and gets the Food go down easily without an problem.
  2. Since it contains caffeine, It works a bit like energy drinks and allows you to focus on your work to some extent without falling asleep.
  3. Surprisingly, Coke helps you prevent asthma. Drinking one can of coke acts as a Bronchodilator and can improve the functioning of lungs in your body.
  4. It has proved that coca cola has the ability to make your hair smoother and softer as it contains Phosphoric acid. You just have to rinse your hair with a can of coke.


  1. It has high content of sugar which can increase the risk of Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension and High cholesterol.
  2. Over drinking of Coke can damage your bones and teeth.
  3. If you drank coke literally everyday, You unfortunately are decreasing your lifespan.


The carbonated water with various  compound does really go well with a burger but there is some limitations to maintain your health. So, Having a can of coke is not at all a bad idea. It is really nice but try to have one of two in a week.

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