What If You Went Back To 1000 Years


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The generation now we are living in is very modern and it is very much forward in science and technology. We can get things done withing few seconds. For example, Now if you want to travel anywhere, You can just book your ride on Uber within 3 minutes but in olden days, Or 1000 years back, We never had Uber or not even a car. Everyone would walk or just travel miles riding horses or camel. But what happens if we went 1000 years back form now.


  • If you went back 1000 years behind, Your will literally enjoy each and every minute of you life. You will be surrounded with the beauty of nature. Pure waterfalls, Types of trees, Different kinds of fruits and veggies, Undiscovered animals and many other cool stuff.
  • Since there was no science and technology at that time, You will live in a place where there is zero pollution. and obviously your life-span increases and you will lead a safe and long life.
  • Free food!!. Since there were no physical currency at that time, You will have to exchange goods with others in order to buy or sell things. Buy that was not in case of fruits and veggies. There was greenery everyday at that time. since there were so many trees, There are many fruits too. So, it is obviously free to just pluck a fruit from a tree and just eat it.
  • Love and affection. In those days, we didn’t have 9 to 5 jobs so, people had a lot of time to spend with their family.


  • Travelling would be a huge pain in the ass. Since we didn’t have vehicle at that time, it would really be difficult to travel long distant. It will a bit easy if we have animals like camel, horse etc but people who didn’t have animals will definitely have to feel the pain of travelling.
  • In those days, we din’t have any security, A wild animal can came and kill you while you are asleep.
  • Less education. If you however went 1000 years behind, You will not have any regular jobs. You will have to depend on hunting and agriculture for living.

Since we compared two generations of living, we now know what is better. And now we are safe to say that we are living in a very modern world but the same world with more trees and nature would have been the best.

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