What If You Were A Pro Boxer


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Boxing is one of the most famous sports in the entire world. As we can witness everyday, Half of the YouTube drama is based on boxing. KSI VS JOE WELLER boxing broke YouTube’s world record for being the first live-stream to hit 1 million live viewers on the platform. So now, the  question is, What If You Were A Pro Boxer? Let’s find out!

First of all let’s talk a little bit about the sports itself. Boxing is not a regular sports which include training and you become professional. Boxing is a sports which includes a lot of strength, training, courage and pain. A lot of ups and downs will make you a champion.

What If You Were A Pro Boxer

what if you were a pro boxer

what if you were a pro boxer

YOUR DIET: Your diet plays a very important role if you were a pro boxer. Your diet depends upon you weight class. Your trainer will literally rip your ass off to make you perfect in shape and weight. Mostly you’ll have to eat all healthy food such as meat, green veggies and stay far way from things such as Pizza, burger and all those type of things.

YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Your  family and friends are definitely the  number one priority for sure but to overcome some problems and ensuring success in your boxing life, It makes sense to leave you family and friends aside for some time. Then after achieving your success, You can spend as much time as you want with your friends and family.

UPS AND DOWNS IN YOUR CAREER: As we all know, Boxing is not an easy sport. In your career you will face a lot of problems. As a beginner boxer, You will definitely face some defeats. But that is just test your strength and your ability. That is a situation where you should not lose hope but instead you should work even more hard to ensure your success.

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